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Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
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A land sculpted by time itself and further embellished by a powerful monarchs.

Rajasthan the land of Maharajas
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Rich Culture of Rajasthan

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Decide your favourite colour and pick a city to match, Rajasthan's kaleidoscope of colours covers all.



Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur


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Opulent palaces, coloured by history and romance, storehouses of intrigues and expressions of legendary grandeur.

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Rich Culture of Rajasthan

A Family Present the Culture of RajasthanThe Thar is known for being the most colourful desert in the world. A spirit of celebration permeates the very air of this province. Reflected in Rajasthan's colourful streets and in the costumes of its people is the spirit of joie de vivre. Over centuries Rajasthan has hosted varied civilizations, each bringing its distinct flavour to this cultural melting pot. Settlers ranging from ancient Indus Valley urbanites to pastoral Aryan herdsmen, Bhil forest dwellers, Jain merchant princes, Jat and Gujjar cultivators, Muslim craftsmen, and the Rajput warrior aristocracy. All shaped this region called the land of kings. Dance, music, celebration, fanfare, festivals, art and aesthetics relieve the tedium of coping with this harsh and demanding land. Travel to Rajasthan, savor its splendors, imbibe its enviable heritage and immerse yourself in its cultural melange.

Fairs and Festivals
Rajasthan's culture is captured at its festive best at its many fairs and festivals, dazzlingly theatrical and lively. There is a celebration for every religious occasion, every change of season and every harvest, in fact, anytime of the year is festival time in Rajasthan. The festivities are marked by folk dances and a variety of music played on the unique handcrafted and locally made instruments. Competetions such as camel and elephant races, turban tying, local delicacies and foods, astrologers, snake charmers and tattoo artists all vie for your attention.

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Folk Dance and Music
Fair & Festival of Rajasthan Rajasthan's dance and music is deeply lyrical. Its folk dances are an old art form and in many of them music and dance goes hand in hand, for example the phad or the painted ballad, has a male musician and a female dancer, reciting the story together. Group singing or taalbandi is also a unique form of narration common to Rajasthani music. The maand is perhaps the most famous export of Rajasthani music, honed in the courts of the erstwhile royalty, it has a haunting beauty and an innate sophistication. Think of a Rajasthani dance and it conjures up images of women in voluminous skirts twirling around fires at night time under a black desert sky and whatever else your imagination may serve up, you wont be disappointed, the dances are mystical and compelling and very many to choose from.

Rajasthani Cuisine
The cuisine culled out of the few ingredients that the desert has to offer will surprise and delight you with its wide range of dishes and delectable desserts. After all, nothing better than the best would do for the royalty and how could their culinary needs not be catered to. The chefs in the royal kitchens have over centuries, with continuous experimentation concocted some of the most exotic delicacies, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The dal-bati-churma deserves a mention as does the gatte-ke-sabzi. Amongst the meat preparations, a must try is the smoked Rajasthani kebab - sule - bare-be-cued in about a dozen different ways, it has a melt in the mouth texture. For dessert do not forget to try Jodhpur's famous mawa kachori and the sinfully delicious malpua.

Art and Crafts
Rajasthan Art For centuries this land of the maharajas has catered to their every whim and fancy, many of them were collectors of priceless art, crystal, gemstones and one even collected vintage automobiles. Its craftsmen have churned out exquisite creations made of leather, ivory, silver, terecotta, cloth, brass and even paper. These artistic traditions continue, making it a province rich in handicrafts. Some of its famous treasures include, blue pottery, ethnic jewellery, tie and dye and block print fabrics, quilts, leather craft, wood carving, ivory bangles and other articles and a wide variety of paintings.

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