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Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
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Sightseeing Safari Rajasthan

Ride a camel over the dunes or horses through the hillside, speed ahead in a jeep and camp under open skies.

Camel Safari
Jeep Safari
Horse Safari
Elephant Safari

Cultural Cities of Rajasthan

Decide your favourite colour and pick a city to match, Rajasthan's kaleidoscope of colours covers all.

Mount Abu


Architectural Treasures

Bastions of history, bristling with memories, these splendid treasures stand battling the vageries of time.

Fort Amber
The City Palace, Jaipur
Wind Palace, Jaipur
Chittaurgarh Fort
City Palace, Udaipur
Jaisalmer Fort
Mehrangarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur

Festivals in Rajasthan

The desert sands shimmer and pulsate with an energy and a spirit of festivity permeates the air, every season provides many reasons to celebrate.

Camel Festival
Mewar Festival
Elephant Festival
Gangaur Festival
Pushkar Festival
Desert Festival

Sightseeing Safari Rajasthan

Ride a camel over the dunes or horses through the hillside, speed ahead in a jeep and camp under open skies.

Camel Safari
Jeep Safari
Horse Safari
Elephant Safari

Wildlife in Rajasthan

A delicate ecosystem, part desert part marshy lands and even a small section of lush water filled valleys, sports a wildlife rich in variety.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Keoladeo Ghana National Park
Ranthambore National Park

Grand Rail Tours
Grand Rail Tours

Palace on Wheels
Heritage on Wheels
Fairy Queen

Budget Hotels in Rajasthan

Whichever Budget Hotel you choose you will always experience a traditional hospitality that you may never want to forget.

Jaipur Budget Hotels
Jaisalmer Budget Hotels
Bharatpur Budget Hotels
Bikaner Budget Hotels

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Jeep Safari

Tailormade Your Tour

Rajasthan with its burning desert sands, lush green valleys, mountain ranges, ancient culture, forts, palaces and royalty is truly magnificent . It’s a land with a delightfully medieval flavor and a place where time has stood still. A journey into this province is not really complete if you leave without exploring so much of what it has to offer. A jeep safari will take you from being a mere onlooker to becoming a part of this magnificent landscape and culture. Such a safari offers the chance of truly experiencing Rajasthan.

Jeep SafariSafaris in Rajasthan can be made to suit the traveller, one can choose to travel with just rudimentary comforts or all the luxurious amenities. The journey is not arduous because the organisers ensure that your every need is met and all manner of facilities are offered, from entertainment to fine dining, from deluxe camps to cocktail bars. But more than anything else it is the landscape that is spellbinding, as each journey progresses, there is the excitement of setting camp each night at a lonely spot in the wilderness of the Thar desert, of being entertained by a group of wandering minstrels and of sleeping under the desert sky full of dense twinkling stars.

The kingdoms of Rajasthan were carved out of many ferocious battles and its history is as rich in tales of valour and chivalry as it is in folklore. For centuries, kings here have added to the architectural marvels of the many cities, imposing forts, ethereal palaces, splendid temples, handsome mansions, ornate stepwells and elaborate memorials to their dead dotting its landscape. A jeep safari will take you to these magnificent monuments and allow you the freedom to linger through them for as long as you wish. The cities are magnificent as they were all in the not-too-distant past kingdoms ruled over by the warrior kings, but the villages are no less gorgeous, these settlements consist of a collection of circular huts made of sun baked clay bricks and usually have a thatched roof. A typical village here has the most basic form of civilisation and a way of life unchanged since centuries. Yet art is reflected in everything that the Rajasthani's do, even village homes are beautifully decorated with traditional designs painted on the walls by simple lime colours and a village square is a feast of colours, saffrons, reds, blue, greens and pinks enliven the scene. A jeep safari will take you through the interiors and allow you to participate in aspects of village life without disturbing it in turn. Don’t be too surprised if you meet someone who doesn't know what a television set is, or someone who has never seen rain.

Rajasthan is so much more than just a desert in fact it has a varied topography. It includes semi-arid desert like land to among the oldest mountains in the world and lush, water filled valleys. Rich in wildlife it includes the the tiger, leopard, endless varieties of deer, rhesus monkeys, reptiles including the python and a profusion of bird-life including some very exotic migratory birds and the jeep is your most convenient option when you are out wildlife spotting. The jeep can maneuver easily through the rugged terrain and forest trails, taking you into the interiors where few have trodden. The scraggy valleys, forested hills, rocky outcrops, the lesser known tribal villages and ruins of old forts are all easily accessible by jeeps. Jeep safaris are the most fun because the pace can be varied to suit one’s needs. A jeep safari usually covers about 150 kms a day, which consists of approximately five to six hours of jeep-driving. And the organisers usually send a team up ahead to set up picnic lunches and tents and bonfires for the night, so that by the time you wrap up and reach you have a steaming hot meal handed to you a la royalty.

A jeep safari gives you the most out of your trip in Rajasthan. The regions that need to be explored for their characteristic natural beauty are Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur and the Shekhawati regions. While on your Jeep safaris, you may also want to include the popular wildlife sanctuaries of Rajasthan in their itinerary. Savour the desert as well as the monuments of the region as you've got so much on your platter that you're likely to miss out a thing or two.

The months before monsoon are the hottest seasons which extend from April to June, with temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Centigrade to 45 degrees Centigrade. In western Rajasthan the temp may rise to 48 degrees, particularly in May and June. Monsoon extends from July to September, when although we witness a drop in temperatures but because the humidity increases, and when all this combines with rains it results in uncomfortable climate. From mid-September to mid-March, the climate is amicable because when you blend the winter with the sunshine, you get the climate that you have always yearned for.

Best time
It's better to embark upon a horse safari from the month of mid-September to mid-March.

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