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Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
Camel Festival in Bikaner Rajasthan, Bikaner Camel Festival
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Cultural Cities of Rajasthan

Decide your favourite colour and pick a city to match, Rajasthan's kaleidoscope of colours covers all.

Mount Abu


Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
Festivals in Rajasthan

The desert sands shimmer and pulsate with an energy and a spirit of festivity permeates the air, every season provides many reasons to celebrate.

Camel Festival
Mewar Festival
Elephant Festival
Gangaur Festival
Pushkar Festival
Desert Festival

Sightseeing Safari Rajasthan

Ride a camel over the dunes or horses through the hillside, speed ahead in a jeep and camp under open skies.

Camel Safari
Jeep Safari
Horse Safari
Elephant Safari

Wildlife in Rajasthan

A delicate ecosystem, part desert part marshy lands and even a small section of lush water filled valleys, sports a wildlife rich in variety.

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
Keoladeo Ghana National Park
Ranthambore National Park

Grand Rail Tours
Grand Rail Tours

Palace on Wheels
Heritage on Wheels
Fairy Queen

Budget Hotels in Rajasthan

Whichever Budget Hotel you choose you will always experience a traditional hospitality that you may never want to forget.

Jaipur Budget Hotels
Jaisalmer Budget Hotels
Bharatpur Budget Hotels
Bikaner Budget Hotels

Rajasthan Tours Travel  »  Architectural Treasures

Architectural Treasures

With centuries of internecine wars and brief spells of peace, with dedicated commitment and a slow chipping of its rocks and quarries, the brave Rajput kings and the aesthetic Moghuls emperors have left behind an incredible treasure trove of architectural legacies. This land, its magnificent citadels and princely kingdoms contain ethereal palaces, imposing fortresses, splendid temples, elaborate wells, handsome mansions and memorials to their dead. In these facades and monuments one can see a wealth of architectural details and many of them blend the indo-colonial, Mughal and Rajput styles of construction with elan.

Hawa Mahal, JaipurPalace of Winds ( Hawa Mahal)
This fragile and delicate structure is a screened facade which was meant to hide the beautiful women of the royal households from prying eyes, with its many latticed windows. What it truly provides is a peek into the mystical culture of Rajasthan.

Amber Fort Amber Fort
The golden-brown walls of the Amber fort rise up as a statement of sheer power and strength, imposing and daunting its shadows in the clear waters of lake Maotha. Down below in the valley is an unforgettable vista.

Jaisalmer FortJaisalmer Fort
A fort alive with people, palaces, temples, shops, musicians, artists and an entire city that still lives here just like it did when the fort was built. Unchanged for centuries, it is not just a monument but a magical place that will take you far far back in time.

The City Palace, JaipurThe City Palace - Jaipur
A palace so palatial you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. It still houses the royalty and offers treasures galore to the visitor.

Chittorgarh FortChittorgarh Fort
The history, the story, the legends, myths and memories of Chittor are all wrapped up in its magnificent fort.

Mehrangarh FortMehrangarh Fort
Invincible and dauntless, it rises up on sheer bare rock, at a height of 125 meters, surrounded by flat plains in all directions. It was built to offer protection to the city below and to rule over and be the master of all that it surveys.

Nahargarh FortNahargarh Fort
This fort has withstood the vagaries of time and of history for over 250 years now. Its unscalable walls and dominant spirit have seen a lot and survived to tell the tale.

Nahargarh FortCity Palace, Udaipur
Magic of Architecture The glamor of the Rajputana district of Udaipur in Rajasthan is assosiated with their Palaces around the lakes and gardens.

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